Commissioned by CEO 

Used only items in company warehouse for designs.


$0 Budget

Designs used for mass-marketing campaign sent to over 3000 professionals

(Designs were featured on company's website for several years as result).





Corporate Holiday Postcard


Julie Fitzgerald – Office Manager/Entertaining Company-Summer 2008

Julie and Katrina worked together on specific projects that were crucial and time sensitive; for example, an email blast and our holiday postcard. Katrina is very efficient, detailed, and prompt (arrived early everyday). She is so warm, bright and very positive! She is always the same, even under stress… rolls with the punches.  Katrina is organized and is the type who takes charge, without being intrusive. She knows what needs to be done, takes over without being asked…takes initiative.  Katrina is very mature and displays experience beyond her years.

Katrina handled a project for the owner to design and complete the holiday postcard. She completely executed the process, took charge, designed it 100%, and organized the entire photo shoot. Since she had never done this before, they weren’t sure how it would go. But she has a great eye for design and detail. It turned out AMAZING, beyond expectations. Everyone was blown away.  We wished there was a budget to hire her long-term!

Strengths:  Initiative, organized …high attention to detail.

katies wedding cake table daylight
buffet set up 2

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