Welcome realtors, real estate agents and other real estate or home design professionals! Let's partner and help each other to serve our clients!

I know that selling your listings for top dollar, in the shortest amount of time possible is the ultimate objective; let me help you meet that goal! 

Homes that are staged FIRST, are on the market for a staggering 90% LESS time! Don't delay in hiring Act Three Designs, LLC for a staging consultation or hands-on staging, to better prep your listings BEFORE they get photographed and listed.

By partnering with  Act Three Designs, you now have access to professional staging services you can offer your clients!

Set Yourself Apart

Real Estate Agents, Agencies, Firms

​You can have that extra special something that sets you apart from your competitors. By having a go-to stager at your disposal, you can have confidence, as will your clients, that your listings will look their absolute best, and present to prospective buyers a desirable option.

Let's Network

Home Decor Businesses/Professionals

We can help each other through client referrals and providing mutually benefiting services that serve our clients and help us both establish strong business relations.

Current Partnerships

Businesses/Trade Discounts:              

Sherwin Williams                                                   

Beaverton, OR                                                                                                                       

CORT Furniture rental

Beaverton, OR


​Area Floors

Beaverton, OR





Pier1 Imports

Benefit from my substantial discounts with various staging & home decor professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

More to come...

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