Love Notes From Past Clients

Humbled & honored to have helped hundreds of homeowners!

Here's just a few of them...


Thank you so much Katrina, your attention to detail is outstanding!
I loved meeting you and I am super impressed by your background, experience and expertise! 
Is there anywhere I can leave you a 5 star review?
Thank you so much, you are truly amazing!!!

Kathy & Dick

Recently we had the great experience of meeting Katrina Shaw.  Her sharp eye and keen mind have brought to our home some WONDERFUL staging possibilities.  Since we implemented Katrina's suggestions, we have gotten several compliments on our home layout and how beautiful the interior looks.  Without costing us an arm and a leg for new furniture, we were able to take Katrina's thoughts and distill them into the furniture & décor we already have. 

Our house looks like a million bucks!  I highly recommend Katrina Shaw and Act Three Designs to any home seller or property owner that needs to get the presentation RIGHT!

Susie & Richard

Katrina, you have been a delight to know and work with. We are so excited to see your lovely expression in our home and get it sold quickly. Have a great time decorating and thank you so very much again for your expertise and kindness!...

I wanted to let you know how much I just love how you transformed our house! We are delighted with everything

in how it looks and feels. You have given it such a special touch with your creative expertise....

I am just so thrilled that we found you in time to sell our home.  You have done an exceptional job from start to finish.  I know I will be in touch in the future when we will be selling our other home and moving on into retirement. It has been all our pleasure and many thanks again for your wonderful style and work. It surely attributed to the sale of our home!

Erin & Chris

Thank you Katrina! 
I loved working with you today!! I loved your energy and passion. We wanted to thank you for all your hard work and creativity!! We are anxious to see the pictures but we know you set us up to show the house beautifully! You are fantastic at what you do and will refer you to anyone looking to sell their home!


Katrina, thank you so much for all your creative and passionate touches!  I loved meeting you and partnering with you to reinvent and freshen up aspects of my home.
I am really loving the living room as it is far more balanced and warm...made most of the other touches you suggested or will do so.

Matthew (Realtor)

Your suggestions were great and everything turned out really well. We did accept an offer yesterday so that was great! Thank you again for all your help.
I look forward to working with you on future deals.


Wow!!  You are so thorough!! 

I hadn't even realized that you had taken a look at the patio porch area. Dang you're good!

I am very grateful for your time!

When my Partners came into the house she said wow, I wish we had had it looking like this during our time here. Those changes you made really opens the space up.

Take care and many thanks!


Thank you so much Katrina,
Your ideas are really great! We are working hard to get things in shape! I'll send pictures when we get it accomplished!


Katrina!  Wow, what a transformation, and we could not have done it without all of your great guidance and design advice.  You are amazing! Yes, it was a ton of work… I was aware the house was a total disaster the day you came by.  We did quite a lot of hauling of junk furniture and cleaning so we could whip it into shape and stage it. 

Can I hire you to do my new house in FL? Lol seriously though, if you do “interior design” consults from afar, I would totally hire you again. 

Thanks so much.  Here’s hoping for a sale, soon!


Thank you! Those were great suggestions! Everything looks much better than I could have imagined. Thank you! You have been amazing Katrina! I hope I can hire you for a house in Spokane within the year! 

I have enjoyed my home so much more these past several weeks since you showed me how to arrange it. I’m sure it helped it to sell quickly too! Thank you so much!! I really think you should go into the photography side. I bet you’d be fabulous! 

I hope to enlist your services when we buy our next home.

Lisa W.

Wow!! It looks amazing!! Nice work! Thank you! Thanks for all your hard work.


Hello Katrina, I implemented most of what you recommended. The house is beautiful!  Thank you so much for your help.

Tami (Realtor)

Katrina, Thank you so much for spending some extra time with us and with all these inspirations. SOOO helpful!!...
We are LIVE!!! Thought you'd like to see the transformation! Thanks again for all your great ideas!

Susan M.

Hi Katrina, 

Thank you so very much for coming out. I had a great time on your consult. I learned a lot and it was a pleasure to meet you. 

And thanks for the details list and the photos. This is great. I’ve already started working on it. 

 We think we got the office and yoga room done. My husband loves the office layout now. Wishes we would have called you 4 years ago when we moved in. ha! :) Looks SO much better...

I was also surprised how nice the yoga room looks. Just added a few minor things and it looks like it has a purpose now. :) If I get stuck I will definitely hit you up. Much appreciation!


Wow!  Amazing job!  Looks incredible! Thanks Katrina!


Katrina, I Haven't walked through the whole place yet, but main entry and living room look fantastic!  Thanks for all the hard work!

Jeremy (Realtor)

Hi Katrina,
Thanks for all the awesome work you’ve been doing for us! I seriously love the way you had the client set up his home.


We had the photos taken on Monday and Matt showed them to us yesterday and we were thrilled with all the changes you suggested and we think it all came together beautifully! Thank you again for all your help!


It was nice meeting with you too. You have given me lots of great ideas. I’m so glad you were able to work around with whatever stuff I had! Thanks!

Jen (Realtor)

Thank you so much for all your help on that one! You are amazing and they just raved about you! It turned out soooo cute! They did a great job, thanks to you! It flew-it was pending in a day, with 5 offers! Thanks so much!  I so appreciate this service, I recommend your services to all my listing clients!


Hi Katrina, 
Everyone loves your style. It is truly stunning. The house went on the market yesterday. Time will tell, but it won't be for lack of beauty in presentation. I love what you were able to do with my home. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Susan F.

Katrina Shaw has been wonderful in providing advice and suggestions.  We know she is really busy, but she is always responsive.

Lincoln (Realtor)

Hi Katrina, 
Thank you so much! I can’t wait to look though all of these options. You are the best!


Good morning, Katrina,
Thank you SO much for your vision of what our house can  look like!  We have put almost all in place (and more to do today :).  Check out the photos in about a week and you will see your vision made this work.  You rock, thank you!


Hi Katrina
I have made great progress with your suggestions. You are brilliant!
Thank you so much!

Grant (Realtor)

You did a great job staging our client's condo! I am glad I referred you! I'll continue to refer you, you're fantastic and great with people!